NFL products sold online

Sales of NFL Products Online

The following policy has just been announced to all NFL licensees regarding sales of NFL product online. Siskiyou is required by the NFL to comply with this policy in full by April 1, 2016. We understand that this may be a difficult limitation for some of our customers but as a licensee of the NFL we have to comply with their regulations. We are asking that all of our customers sign the acknowledgment of this policy below.

Sales of NFL product online

The NFL has announced that they are restricting all 3rd party online sales. As a licensee we will not be able to sell to anyone who sells our NFL products online through any 3rd party portal. All sales of our NFL products must occur through the retailer's own e-commerce site. These restrictions include, but are not limited to, sales on, and To sell our NFL products online you, as our customer, must have ownership of the URL that the transaction occurs on. If you own a URL that redirects back to a 3rd Party URL for the ultimate transaction you cannot sell our NFL products.

Distributors obligation to enforce this with their customers

This restriction applies to distributors and their customers. Distributors are responsible to enforce these rules and ensure their customers do not use such 3rd party sites. If the NFL determines that a distributor or retailer has violated this prohibition, the NFL will restrict sales of any NFL products by any NFL licensee to that distributor or retailer. Failing to sign the acknowledgement of this form will result in Siskiyou having to hold your orders until acknowledgement has been received.

Guidelines for selling NFL through your website

As a website owner you can sell our NFL products on your website but only if your website is in compliance with NFL guidelines.

  • All NFL products must have an image of the product and the product description must indicate who the product is manufactured by. This means that Siskiyou Buckle must appear in one of these locations; manufacturer field, title, descriptions or bullet points.
  • Your site must be completely devoid of any non-licensed products that are being represented as NFL merchandise. Any counterfeit items present on your site disqualifies you from being able to sell licensed NFL products on your site.
  • You cannot have any NFL logos or team logos present on your site that are not part of an image of the product without express permission from the NFL.
  • You cannot have any images or verbiage on your website that indicates that you are an official representative or distributor for the NFL without the express permission of the league.

You can use 3rd party sites, like or Google Merchant to advertise our NFL products as long as the final transaction occurs on a URL that you  have sole ownership of.

As of April 1, 2016 Siskiyou will terminate all sales of NFL products to customers that are known to sell exclusively through 3rd party online portals. If you own a URL and also use 3rd party portals you will need to have all NFL products pulled from  the 3rd party portals as of April 1, 2016 to continue purchasing NFL products from Siskiyou.

Please understand that this new policy is going to be strictly enforced by the league and  that Siskiyou as a licensee of the NFL has to comply with this policy in full or risk losing our ability to continue to make NFL licensed goods.

We have a spreadsheet available with updated descriptions to make it easier to update your websites, just follow this link NFL Products .The NFL has acknowledged that they don't expect those to be completed by April 1st, but they did expect them to be completed expeditiously and have yet to set a completion date.


Please complete the acknowledgement below. If we do not have your acknowledgement on file by April 1, 2016 we may have to hold shipment of any NFL goods.

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