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Welcome to Siskiyou Gifts! You may notice that our catalog and the products that we offer have expanded. While others have scaled back we are growing strong! We have nearly double our available product line in the last two years.

For over 20 years we have created distinctive gifts and collectibles for the fans of the major sports that are such important part of our lives. Sports fans are passionate about their teams. They rise early in the morning to tailgate decked out in their gear to support their teams. For many it is not just an event, it is a major focus of their lives. Team gear is the gift that you simply cannot go wrong with for any fan on any occasion. Male and female fans of all ages have one common thread and that is passion for their teams and the desire to display that passion.


We at Siskiyou feel that passion for our products. Just like your customers, we go to the games and live or die with their successes or failures. We know that fans care as much about how they display their loyalty as they do their teams. Our philosophy is simple; we want to produce the highest quality item no matter the price point. Many of our products have the most competitive pricing in the industry. The difference you will find between Siskiyou and our competitors is our attention to detail. We create distinctive products that have a high quality look and feel. We want your customers to be as proud to own our products as we are to have the Siskiyou name on the package.


Adding to our dedication to quality and pricing; we also are dedicated to offering the broadest selection of products in the industry. There is no other company that offers you jewelry, automotive accessories, sunglasses, glassware, electronics accessories, toothbrushes, quality leather wallets and checkbook covers, house wares, house keys and tons of tailgating accessories all in one catalog. We take pride in the freshness of our product line. We pioneered the market with innovative new lines like our sports iPhone accessories, leather wallets with metal emblems, sports house keys and female-focused products to name just a few. We are also committed to making over our classic best sellers with up-to-date looks.


In this catalog we are proud to introduce a multitude of new products. We have great additions to our most successful lines like our toothbrush holders which are the perfect match to our team toothbrushes that have been our best seller for the last two years. Our tailgating line has grown by leaps and bounds with great new products like our beverage tubs and ice buckets. We have also added 7 new styles to our very successful hitch cover line and 4 new styles to our license plate. These new styles range from the most cost effective to the highest quality in the industry. We have increased the number of styles, options and looks for our sunglass and electronics accessory departments. We have also added completely new and inventive home and outdoor products like our gumball machines, wall-mounted bottle openers and driveway reflectors. Look us over. We are constantly adding new products that we know will improve your sales.


Siskiyou is a family business in every sense of the word. Not only are all of the members of my family involved in multiple aspects of the business but many of our employees have family members who also work for Siskiyou. Most importantly, we feel you, our customers, are part of our family. We know that for us to be successful, you need to be successful.  This means we are committed to providing you with the best and widest variety of products available in the industry. We are committed to helping you design programs that will help you sell. We are committed to the concept that it is not just a low price point that makes a good partner. Quality, innovation, service, and a willingness to make things right when they occasionally go wrong are all important aspects of being your business’s favorite partner. As I said, look around and you will find new reasons why Siskiyou should be your first choice when it comes to team collectibles and fan gear.




Ken Stringer





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