Drop Ship Policy

Welcome to the Drop-Ship program at Siskiyou Gifts. We look forward to doing business with you, and would like to take this opportunity to explain a little more about the program. Here are the rules and regulations for participating in the Siskiyou drop ship program.

  • You must operate a valid, independent website. Ebay, Shopify and Amazon like stores do not qualify as independent sites. The URL where the final transaction is completed must be owned by you, it cannot be part of a shopping network. We require that our items only be sold on your site. Selling on sites like Ebay and Amazon is restricted. If we find that you are listing our products on these sites your account will be terminated.
  • All dropship orders must be placed on our CSV template. We can assist you with mapping your order export to our CSV template. No phone, email, fax or online orders will be accepted.
  • Siskiyou has a flat rate shipping program for our dropship program. The prices range from $6-16 based on the product. The cost and method of shipping the item is listed in our Web Items List available on our FTP site. If the order is for multiple items the highest priced shipping will be charged plus 50% off the shipping charges for each additional item. This is for standard shipping only, the flat rate fee includes the dropship fee.
  • We must have a valid credit card on file at all times. Your orders will be charged to the credit card prior to shipment. We do not process your customer's credit cards for orders only the account holders credit card.
  • We do not allow 3rd party shipping for the drop ship program with the exception of expedited shipping. If your customers wants to have expedited shipping we require that you send in a shipping label for the express shipping of your choice. The information regarding size, weight and packaging type is available on the web items list on our FTP site.
  • We require a PO number for all drop ship orders. If you do not have a specific PO assignment in your system then you MUST enter the customer's first and last name in the PO line of the order. All inquiries regarding orders must include the PO number of the order.
  • To qualify for participation in our drop ship program we require that you generate a minimum of $2500 in orders each year. At the end of each year accounts will be re-evaluated and those that fall under that amount may be asked to move to a standard wholesale account.

Please note, drop ship orders will be shipped out in the order they are received. Choosing an express shipping option does not exclude your order from the standard 3-5 day handling time for drop ship orders. For instance, requesting overnight shipping means we will use that service to ship the item not that it will arrive overnight. The best way for you to provide overnight delivery or to use you own delivery service is to purchase product directly and hold inventory. If you plan to have bulk orders shipped directly to you will need to establish a wholesale account separate to your drop ship account.